Tech & Retail - Cofounder
  • Favorite song: China Grove, Doobie Brothers
  • Favorite Lunch Spot: California Chicken Cafe
  • Weight class: Welterweight

China, sometimes known as Jordan, runs our website, churns out graphics and rides a modified Whiskey. China learned everything he knows from his alma mater, Columbia University. When China isn't photoshopping his days away, he can be found pondering ways to solve the world's simplest problems via technology. China is a thinker, a problem-solver, and one of the hunkiest surfer-dudes to ever grace Burbank's wetlands. When China isn't recovering from running into trees, he can be found on the bike path, which he takes some mornings to work (15+ miles!).


Finance & Operations - Cofounder
  • Favorite Song: No Hands, Waka Flocka Flame
  • Favorite Lunch Spot: Henry's Tacos
  • Weight Class: Heavyweight

Michael runs the world our financial operations and day-to-day logistics. Michael learned how to become the young Entrepreneur he is from the University of Wisconsin's Business School. After winning the retail track in an entrepreneurship competition, he dove in, belly first, and took off running. Michael loves dogs and having the best-looking family since Warren G. Harding. When not crunching numbers, making lofty sales projections and consuming white-riced teriyaki bowls, Michael can be found on a midnight ride with his shiny new Oscar.


Manufacturing & Sales - Cofounder
  • Favorite Song: I like it, DeBarge
  • Favorite Lunch Spot: Corner Cottage
  • Weight Class: Muscle Milk

Oscar, sometimes referred to as Austin, manages our sales operations and handles everything import/export. Also a graduate of UW-Madison's Business School, Oscar had a vision. Oscar always has a vision. His vision became a reality when he took a risk and decided to start a bicycle company to fill the void of affordable, practical bikes on campus. When bacon isn't near, Oscar stays up all night sourcing the next best bike, piece by piece. When unclouded by visions of pork and rare Nike's, Oscar's entrepreneurial mindset pushes us all to work harder. Oscar rides razor scooters (the ones with chalk on the tail) and a Zulu.


Business Development & Marketing - Cofounder
  • Favorite Song: Pirate Flag, Kenny Chesney
  • Favorite Lunch Spot: Hooters, Burbank
  • Weight Class: Class? No thanks.

Zach, brother of China, manages our web presence, marketing campaigns and makes the most noise. Also a graduate of UW-Madison, Zach graduated with a bachelors degree in Economics and tells people he's a Doctor. When Zach's not fiddling with other peoples' business, he can be found singing, playing piano and writing love songs in our office studio. We promised him we wouldn't expose his angel-voice. Get in touch with him if you need a friend/song. In his garage, Zach keeps (and rides) an India, Romeo, Zulu, Mike and Kilo. Weird, we know.


Customer Experience
  • Favorite Song: Yellow, Coldplay
  • Favorite Lunch Spot: Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Weight Class: Dairy-Free

When Nick's not running to the bodega and picking up dairy-free burritos, he answers the phones around here! Ever wonder why we have our Facebook repeatedly flooded with praises of customer service? Nick! He's the answer. Nick was born in SF, a proud Bruin and rides his custom Romeo to work everyday. Find him weekdays at the Encino Velodrome! Or call him and ask him for bike help: (855) 255-5011!


Warehouse Logistics
  • Favorite Song: Beast of Burden, Rolling Stones
  • Favorite Lunch Spot: Corner Cottage
  • Favorite Prime Number: 29

Miltonio, sometimes known as Milt or Milly-the-kid, runs the warehouse show. Him, along with his team of brilliant logistic experts, make sure all orders are on those trucks on time! Wondering why your bike arrived a week before you expected it to? Thank Miltong! It's not easy keeping thousands of bikes and accessories organized to a tee. But, Miltong does it, swiftly. When not making things happen at Pure Fix, Miltong spends time with his new born baby, Sarah! Congrats, Milt!


  • Favorite Song: Antelope, Phish.
  • Favorite Lunch Spot: Any Greek Salad
  • Least Favorite Color For A Wall In His Office: Greenscreen-green 

A graduate of Wharton, Andy is our strategy and management guru.  Not only that, he's usually the tie breaker during our management scrums.  When not crunching numbers, Andy, whom we commonly refer to as Abo, can be found coaching his kids' soccer teams.  Find him cruising on the beach path in Santa Monica on his Papa with his daughter on her Micro Series Kilo!


  • Favorite Song: Youth Of A Nation, P.O.D.
  • Favorite Lunch Spot: Costco
  • Weight Class: Super-Flyweight

Chris joined the team to help his brother Nick on the customer experience side of things. They share a childhood, an apartment, and genes, but never jeans. Born in SF, schooled at UCLA, and happily-camped in Studio City, Chris loves motorsports, volleyball and comedy. He dislikes: lists, irony, and the rule of three.


Director of Sales
  • Favorite Song: F.M., Steely Dan
  • Favorite Lunch Joint: Las Olas, Carlsbad, CA
  • Gluten free Pizza? No.

Mike hails from Carlsbad, CA where he lives with his wife and kids. It's tough living on the beach, riding your bike anywhere you have to go and working for the coolest bike company in town! Mike comes from a long, epic background in the bike industry. Prior to joining us at Pure Fix Cycles, Mike headed up sales at MirraCo and grew their BMX sales exponentially. Aside from 'SELL, SELL, SELL', Mike can be found on the drumset with a plate of BBQ pork ribs on the snare, rocking out to Rancid and Steely Dan at his humble abode in Carlsbad. Get at him!


Inside Sales
  • Favorite Song: Disintegration by The Cure
  • Coffee Roast of Choice: Yes, please!
  • Favorite Ride: Bike path to work

Jeff, whom we call Niedbalski, is as bikey as it gets. Having worked for over two solid decades in the bike industry, that's how it goes, we suppose! First thing we learned from Jeff is he's a music nut. He has a collection that includes thousands of CD's (which are extinct...), Vinyl's and SACD's (which we're all too young to understand the meaning of). Jeff has two pups at home, which will be joining our office team soon, we hope. Jeff, the newest member of our team also brings a full coffee shop to the office on the daily, which is certainly reason to make friends! Lastly, Jeff rules because he gave up his car in 2009 and commutes by bike. All. Day. Long.


Retail Support
  • Favorite Song: Eria Tarka, The Mars Volta
  • Favorite Restaurant: Two Boots Pizza
  • Favorite LA Activity: Velodrome!

Jason, one of our newest members of the team, comes from a heavy bike background. Aside from riding to work every. single. day., Jason's worked in bike shops on the retail side, the mechanical side, and the backend web-side. When Jason's not riding 100 miles at a time, Jason's doodling at home, playing Pokemon, hiking and making beats! Looks like there's a new #purefix band in order! Jason Rivera. Say it loud, say it proud! Jason is one of our sponsored team riders and rides our Keirin Pro custom complete which comes in at just under 15 pounds!


Retail Support
  • Favorite Song: DJ Snake FT. Little John / Turn Down For What!
  • Favorite Ride: LA River bike path!
  • Favorite Snack: Hot Dog flavored potato chips

Eric Walt. Where do we begin? Eric rides to work. Check! Eric's related to Norman Rockwell. Check! Eric plays Zelda and wins wing eating contests. Check! That's all. Sort of. Well, Eric also crushes on the support squad here at Pure Fix. When not biking, participating in wing contests, or being related to Norman Rockwell, Eric's trailbound! Eric's an avid camper, hiker, and adventurista. He also has one of the two corner window offices at #purefixHQ which double rules. Catch him cruising!


  • Favorite Song: Swimming Pools (Drank), Kendrick Lamar
  • Favorite Lunch Treat: Alexa's Fruit Loop Rice Crispy Treats!
  • Least-Favorite Constellation: Ursa Minor

Daughter of Michael and Alexa, this pup has it GOOD. Not only does this puppy get to come to work everyday and hang out with US, she spends most of her day in Burbank and ALWAYS gets her hands on leftovers. If you had a mommy that whipped up fruit-loop rice crispy treats for every dinner party, you'd be living the dream, too. Packers and Badgers fan, 4ever.


  • Favorite Song: Disarm, Smashing Pumpkins
  • Favorite Lunch Joint: RFD
  • Favorite Sea Creature: Leafy Sea Dragon

Jovana, sometimes referred to as Jbone, Jmar, JR, Junior or JT, is our staff accountant! Is Zach spending too much money again? Jovana's the one cracking the whip. Aside from cracking the whip, Jovana lives under water. Sort of. Well, her ultimate passion, besides cycling, of course, is marine biology. When not underwater, you can catch Jovana on the big screen in a bunch of super cool indie flicks, such as Killing Cavendish! If you STILL can't find Jbone, look for her with her pup on the hiking trails of Los Angeles. Jovana's favorite Pure Fix is The Oscar!


  • Favorite Song: Blue October, Italian Radio
  • Favorite Lunch Joint: Gina's Tacos
  • Favorite Animal: Yamada the bearded dragon

Sarkis grew up in Glendale, CA where he still resides! He is currently finishing up school at CSUN and is quite the accomplished graphic designer! The first thing we learned (and loved) about Sarkis is his passion for dragons. Aside from his pet dragon, Yamada, he's worn the same dragon necklace around his neck since he was 15. Respect it, though, as his blackbelt karate mastership is nothing to scoff at! Find Sarkis in Glendale, riding his Juliet with Yamada, his pet dragon.

Kai Albert Ryan Yuan

  • Favorite Song: Oh Happy Day, Queen Latifah
  • Favorite Lunch Joint: Chadaka Thai
  • Weapon of Choice: Nikon

When Kai isn't studying his way through the business program at USC, he shoots our brilliant lifestyle photos. Ever see a photo on our Instagram that you double-tapped? It's likely from Kai's camera. Kai takes the cake for being the employee with the most stolen Pure Fix's, but we still love him! When not shooting photos or studying, find Kai at the car show, or hanging with his frat brothers somewhere/anywhere. Kai, at the moment, rides a custom Oscar!


Wholesale Fulfillment
  • Favorite Song: Losing My Religion, REM
  • Favorite Lunch Joint: Burger King, Baby!
  • Hidden talent: Ping Pong!

Mario, sometimes Mariano, works. No really, you'll never find Mario NOT fulfilling orders big and small. Wondering why your accessories come so neatly packaged? Well, Mario is the answer. Oh, and Mario comes from Guatemala, which rules. That borders Belize and their native beer is Belikin. When not cranking through Pure Fix orders, Mario can be found rocking out to 80's alternative bands like REM with Zach. He also wears one of those super bad-ass back brace things. Mario rides dirty on his GLOW Hotel.


Retail Fulfillment
  • Favorite Food: Homemade Tortillas!
  • Favorite Look: High-Top retro Adidas Sneakers!
  • Favorite Song: Gospel

Jose, whom we lovingly call Chico, hails from El Salvador! His high-top Adidas collection is impressive, to say the least. Did we mention his tortilla making skills? Well, he brings handmade corn tortillas from his house for lunch, daily. And they rule. When Jose's not getting orders out on time, he can be found riding his Juliet through Los Angeles!


Warehouse Logistics
  • Favorite Food: Guatemalan Food
  • Weight Class: Welterweight
  • Favorite Music: Anything Romantic

Nelson, whom was born in Guatemala, wears lots of hats around here. Aside from being on the senior warehouse operations team, he helps oversee the maintenance of our office campus. When not working at Pure Fix, you can find Nelson in the gym, staying fit, or at home, listening to romantic classics on his Vinyl player. Favorite bike? Papa!


Retail Fulfillment
  • Favorite Food: Homemade Papusas
  • Favorite Look: Matching shoes + Shirt, Always.
  • Favorite Song: Gospel

Baldomar, whom we refer to solely as 'Popeye', comes from El Salvador! Popeye doesn't need forklifts, he uses his hands, and that's all he needs. Popeye's bike of choice is our Keirin Pro with 50mm Black Wheels and Pure Fix accessories. When he's not riding or lifting pallets onto trucks with his bare hands, he's celebrating life at his local Church.


Wholesale Fulfillment
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Look: Navy Blue on Black, so chic
  • Favorite Song: Raggaton!

Andres, whom politely declines a nickname, was born in El Salvador, which rules. If we had inter-office World Cup, El Salvador would probably win. Andres loves our GLOW series and rides a Hotel when he's not working. Besides riding, Andres is a family man. Family is #1, he says. That's why we love him!


Art Director
  • Favorite Food: Anything-Taco
  • Favorite Look: Matching shoes + Shirt, Always.
  • Favorite Song: Slayer

Phil, like Nick Smith (!!!) comes from Cleveland! Phil has a plethora of experience working in graphic design, the arts and at Nascar. Yeah, Nascar! Personal friends of Tony Stewart, Phil has been to more Nascar races than he'd like to admit. But we're still impressed. One of Phil's coolest talents, outside of at-work design, of course, is his furniture building expertise. Ask him to see his coffee table portfolio. Double whoa! Phil grew up in a metal household. Dreamy, we know. Now, he lives in Silverlake with his girlfriend and commutes to work on...Bicycle! At Pure Fix, Phil oversees our entire Art Department. See something you like? Thank PhillyD (also sometimes called SunnyD, Young-Phil or Philly-Montana)


Retail Fulfillment
  • Favorite Food: Leftovers
  • Favorite Look: Button down, sleeveless (Rock N' Roll!)
  • Favorite Song: Salsa Music!

Victor, or young-vicky-two-shoes, comes all the way from Guatemala! If we had a weight room at Pure Fix, young-vicky-two-shoes would be the scary dude that's bench pressing three times more than anyone else. But we don't, so he mans our warehouse, and does a great job, too. Did we mention there's this super badass fashion trend Victor invented (we think)? Talk about the button down shirt with the sleeves ripped off! You saw it here first! When not crushing sleeveless button downs, Victor's sipping on a fresh Coca Cola, riding down the Strand in Long Beach on his Papa.


Supervisor, Warehouse Logistics and Operations
  • Favorite Food: Fish Tacos
  • Favorite Chick Flick: 27 Dresses
  • Favorite Song: For Your Eyes Only - Sheena Easton

O.H.I.O.! You ever heard that Neil Young tune? He has! That's where he's from! Nick supervises all the (wild & crazy) day-to-day operations in our warehouse. Shipping thousands of bikes to dozens of countries and 100's of cities on the daily isn't the easiest chore in the world. Now, Nick lives in Long Beach, like where Dr. Dre grew up, and dines on Fish Tacos, because what else would you have when you live that close to the beach...When not crushing the bike scene, Nick's furthering his addiction to cars and working on his vintage Bimmer's. Yes, that's plural. We know. Big job, we told you! Oh, and Nick ride The Iris. You should too!